Amanda Cox

Hi there, I’m Amanda, a science communicator for The Australian National University (ANU) and Editor of ScienceWise.

I have been fascinated about science since growing up in the bush in regional Victoria. Nature was at my doorstep and I just wanted to know how it all worked. I studied biology and anthropology at uni and now I want to share my passion for science with the public. And this is what I hope to do with ScienceWise.

If you are an ANU student or staff member and would like to submit a story for ScienceWise drop me a line at I would love to hear from you. I also love to hear from our readers so please contact us if you have an idea for a future story that we could write!


Image: Zak Zak, flickr

Under pressure

By exploiting some of the most fundamental laws of nature, scientists are making new materials, paving the way for better technologies.

A life changing protein

Engineering better proteins could help feed a hungry world.