What causes coral bleaching?

Say you got really bad food poisoning. Then you had to work outside in searing sun. This is what our coral reefs are being subjected to.

Fire, fire, burning blight

Do you like apples and pears? So does fireblight. Do you enjoy climbing trees? So does fireblight.

Under pressure

By exploiting some of the most fundamental laws of nature, scientists are making new materials, paving the way for better technologies.

The Art of Science

Why do scientists still rely on illustrators?

A life changing protein

Engineering better proteins could help feed a hungry world.

Gravitational waves

Welcome to a new era of astronomy

How snowflakes are made

Grab your gloves and a beanie. Things are about to get icy.

Why do magpies swoop?

A bird’s eye view on avian attacks

Learning a language is child’s play

Very young children usually cannot remember a few words that you tell them, but they can somehow master complex grammar.

The Earth is getting greener

Ongoing deforestation offset by recovering forests outside the tropics

Alien worlds

Most stars have planets in the habitable zone